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We have been continuously striving to develop health supplements based on our management philosophy that places family value and health at the top of its goals.

CEO Nam Gyeongsu

As global leader in high-functioning health supplement industry, we have established corporate-affiliated lab to develop great products that can enhance health and quality of life of our citizens.

Based on our corporate philosophy and goals of people-centered values, state-of-the-art technologies and professionalism, we are investing in R&D both mid to long term and nurturing talent and motivating our employees and executives to become one passionate and committed team for innovation.

In returning your support for our products, we have uploaded all the useful information on health on our online website so that you can gain and share new knowledge and experiences in improving your health.

Company Outline

Company Name BOGO SHINYAK Inc corporate registration number 132-81-53439
CEO Nam Gyeongsu Business Area Functional foods, natural bio foods, general pharmaceuticals
Date of Establishment Jan-04 Type of Business Manufacturing business, research and development, business incidental of wholesale

Management Target

Preventive medicine functional foods business for healthy life

Working Principles

Creative management
Ability empowerment
Creative management
Human management
Human management to cherish healthy life
Technology management
Technology management to develop the best product


Visualization of innovative image for global leader in healthy foods field
Expressing business philosophy that making best products with best selected material and showing symbol of BOGO image which takes the responsibility for healthy life through communication and communion with customers

Primary Color

bogo gray: pantone 877c/k40/r167+g169+b172, bogo green: pantone 376c/c50+m0+y100+k0/r141+g198+b63, bogo dark green: pantone 364c/c65+m0+y100+k42/r56+g124+b43